Conference Documents

Main Event Documents

CCDA V Concept Note [English Version]
CCDA V Concept Note [French Version]
CCDA V Information for Participants [English Version]
CCDA V Final Programme [English Version]
Report of CCDA-V conference

Plenary Presentation Documents

Youba - Overview of findings of AR5 WGIII
Sustainable development topic summary
5thclimate Change and Development in Africa Annual Conference (CCDA-V) Kyoto to Paris: An African Perspective
Adaptation and key risks for Africa
IPCC AR5-Africa Chapter
Summary (Africa, ClimateChange and SustainableDevelopment: whatisat stakeat Paris and beyond?)

Parallel Sessions Presentations

Topics: Africa and global climate change governance since Kyoto

Possibilitéset perspectives de developpementdurable au changementclimatique
Getting Specific on the 2015 Climate Change Agreement
Opportunities and prospects of forest based CDM and REDD+ projects for sustainable development in Africa
REDD+ Institutional Choices and their Implications for Local Democracy in the KasigauCorridor, Kenya
Earth System Governance in Africa –Agency and Art 2 UNFCCC
Does institutional incompatibility lead to Maladaptation to impacts of climate change?
REDD Stakeholder Consultation –Symbolic or substantive representation in preparing Uganda for REDD?
Climate Negotiation and Intended Nationally Determined Contribution in Africa (INDC)
Enhancing Africa’s Engagement in International Climate Change Negotiations through Minilateralism
Participatory Communication of Climate Change for smallholders
CBDR(+RC), Resource Endowments and Climate Change Governance in EAC
Energy Access Focus on Women and Youth in East Africa
Global climate change governance @ 21: Africa’s expectations to and from Paris 2015
Catalysing investment in sustainable energy infrastructure in Africa: Lessons from Zambia and Tanzania
Sustainable development under CC - achieved through climate responsive local government plans and budgets
Implementation of climate policy in West-Africa: insights from Ghana, Mali and Senegal
Democratic representation and climate change governance

Topics: Agriculture, food security andresilience

Climate Variability and Crop Production: Evidence from Semi arid Districts of Zimbabwe
Simulating Climate Change Effects on Maize Growth & Yield under Semi-Arid Conditions in Zimbabwe
A Regional Assessment of Agricultural Production, Climate Change, Agricultural Trade and Food Security
Applying APSIM for evaluating intercropping under rainfed conditions: A preliminary assessment
The Influence of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on Large Daily Precipitation Events in West Africa
Improving egg production in laying chickens with honey during hot season

Topics: Climate science, the UNFCCC principles and the Paris Framework

Analysis of Future Climate Scenarios over Central Uganda Cattle Corridor
Analysis of Extreme Temperature Indices of Long-Term Homogenised Temperature Series in South Africa
Performance of CMIP5 in Simulation of Present and Future Precipitation Over the Lake Victoria Basin
Impacts des changements climatiques sur les indices de performance d’un système de ressource en eau : Cas du réservoir de Boura au Burkina Faso
Cocoa Farming Households in Ghana Consider Organic Practices as Climate Smart and Livelihoods Enhancer
Simulating agricultural land-use adaptation decisions under changing climate

Topics: Gender and climate change

La Necessaire Prise En Compte Du Genre Face Aux Changements Climatiques
Mainstreaming Youth in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policy Processes: Actions, Contributions, and Prospects for African Youth Inclusion
Women’s Role Towards A Just Energy Transition
Femme Congolaise Face A L’eau Sous Contrainte Climatique
Are women victims of climate change ?: Lessons from Samburu pastoralist communities in northern Kenya
Genre et vulnérabilité au changement climatique dans le secteur agricole au Togo
Gender Analysis of Adaptation Strategies of Water Stress among Arable Crop Farmers in Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria

Topics: Opportunities and Prospects for Sustainable Development under Climate Change

Greening the Road Transport Sector
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EBA) For Sustainable Development in Burkina Faso and Mali
Sustainability: A Missing Dimension in Climate Change Adaptation Discourse in Africa?
Achieving Sustainable Development Through Low Carbon Pathway In Africa

Topics: Opportunities for Innovative Financing for Climate Adaptation

Can Kenya’s Climate Change Fund Meet Adaptation Needs? Lessons from the Constituency Development Fund
Opportunities for Innovative Financing for Climate Change Adaptation in Africa
Weather Shocks and Financial Adaptation:Making Unbanked Households Secure on Rainfall Derivatives Microinsurance in Nigeria

Topics: Renewable Energy

Production of biogas from animal manure for rural houshold
Solar Energy as a Mitigation Strategy in South Africa

Topics: Solutions forum : Agriculture

Evaluation de la productivité et des usages des espèces végétales dans les complexes agroforestiers à base de cacaoyers
Unlocking the Potential of Climate Information Services to Achieve Climate Resilient Agriculture and Sustainable Development
Africa’s Climate Change Trajectories for Sustainable Development under UNFCCC Article Two for Cop21 in Paris

Topics: Solutions forum : Climate Data for Decision-making

A local diagnosis of the Hadley circulation over South Africa

Topics: Solutions forum : Climate Science and Indigenous Knowledge System

Integration of Indigenous Knowledge with ICTs in Coping with Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture in Kajiado County, Kenya
Mainstreaming Indigenous Knowledge to Enhance Climate Change Adaptation Among the Local Communities in West of Kenya

Topics: Solutions forum : Gender

Enhancing Community Radio for Gender Equality Empowerment for Climate Change Policy awareness Campaigns for Sustainable Development in Africa
Impact of increasing global temperature on Ghana’s climate
Gender and the deployment of social resources in adaptation to climate variability and change in the Sahel zone of Nigeria

Topics: Solutions forum : Sustainable Development

Using Knowledge Management Techniques to Enhance the Role of African Politicians to Access and Use Climate Change Information
Improving Accountability for Adaptation Finance: Lessons from tracking adaptation finance to local level in Zambia and Uganda

Side-events Documents

CCDA-V NCE - Introductory Talking Points
CCDA-V Strengthening Regional Capacity

Pre-events Documents

PRE-CCDA-V OSF CN Land Valuation
PRE-CCDA-V CFI PACJA media workshop