The ClimDev Special Fund (CDSF) is a demand-led Fund that pools resources to finance investment activities on the ground across Africa for the generation and use of climate information for climate-resilient development. Grants are provided to projects in line with the ClimDev-Africa Programme’s goal, purpose and results areas and are implemented by national and regional organisations at all levels on the continent. The AfDB will manage the fund’s operation in accordance with Article 8 of the Bank. 

The financial management and administration of the CDSF along with roles and responsibilities, and the criteria for funding activities through the ClimDev Special Fund are defined the ClimDev Special Fund Operational Procedures Manual (OPM) agreed to by the CDSC on November 29, 2011.

As trustee of the Fund, the AfDB will, pursuant to the Instrument, administer and manage the resources of the Fund using its organisation, services, facilities, officers, staff, and other experts and consultants in accordance with its rules, regulations, procedures and policy guidelines.

As an implementation arrangement that ensures clear accountability and operational efficiency, a CDSF Coordination Unit at AfDB will lead project cycle activities as specified in the OPM, supported by ACPC and CCDU in the areas where they hold technical expertise and a comparative advantage.

For detailed information on the how the CDSF will function, please see the Operational Procedures Manual for the Fund or visit the CDSF website.