Policy Support

Quality analysis for decision support and management practice

Objective: Enhanced scientific capacity producing effective and quality policy-supporting analyses and best practices on different levels (regional to local).
In this result area, quality policy support is provided primarily by the research communities of Africa, including efficient sharing of information, climate change impact assessments, decision support tools for adaptive management
Importantly, this result area also involves identification of best practices in climate-sensitive sectors which through communication and networking will result in local community involvement towards preparedness for extreme weather events and for adaptation to climate change. The component is also to ensure production, communication and dissemination of useable and accessible information packages, enabling local communities with information to continue to better adapt to an ever-changing climate. Hence, all supported projects must have and follow an outreach plan.
The activities of this result area include the following:
2.1       Institutional capacity mapping followed by capacity building
2.2       Knowledge management system for shared information, knowledge, experience and best practice
2.3       Risk, vulnerability, impact and cost/benefit analyses and assessments
2.4       Development of decision support tools for policy making and adaptive management
2.5       Policy reviews identifying policy areas for improvements
2.6       Identification, analysis and recommendations of policy options
2.7       Best practices for climate change preparedness on all levels (for application down to community and individual use)
2.8       Policies for national implementation of international conventions
2.9       Scientific and best practice outreach to all levels (for application down to community and individual use)
2.10     Knowledge support to African negotiators
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