Informed decision-making, awareness and advocacy

ClimDev-Africa Programme will contribute to policy dialogue and support ACC and development policy making processes at the continental, sub-regional, national and local levels. It will strengthen sub-regional and national development programs through drafting and implementation of policies that integrate ACC. It will also promote best practices for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The Programme will continuously enhance the application of best practices through sustained continental knowledge sharing, and sharing of policy ideas and solutions.

One of the most pressing activities of this result area is to facilitate Africa’s contribution to the negotiations process on the post 2012 climate agreement through analytical studies and consultative workshops and providing support for the development of a common African position on climate issues.

Activities of this result area include:

3.1       Capacity building and knowledge support to policy makers

3.2       Capacity building and knowledge support to negotiators

3.3       Capacity building of, and support from, RECs and SROs

3.4       Inclusive and informed policy-making

3.5       Training and awareness-raising

3.6       Effective communication

3.7       Outreach to all levels

In addition to these activities, there may also be implementation of pilot adaptation practices for awareness raising and advocacy purposes.