Climate Information

Widely available climate information, packaging and dissemination
Objective: Policy makers across Africa, policy support organisations and the population at large have access to comprehensive and understood climate information.
Under this result area the ClimDev-Africa Programme will support the upgrading of observation networks and infrastructure in order to enhance the provision of essential data for climate services, policy and best practice development for ACC. This programme component will also include support to capacity building, assessment and research on early warning systems, seasonal forecasting and long term continental, sub-regional and further downscaled climate projections and scenarios.
Africa’s climate, weather and water organizations, including the NMHs, are the main beneficiaries under this result area.
It is of utmost importance that the results from these organizations are communicated so that the end users of resulting climate information and analytical results are communicated in form and language that can be understood by the end users of the information, down to the lowest level. The activities of this result area include the following:
1.1          Rescue historical meteorological and hydrological data.
1.2          Data management of climate and hydrological data.
1.3          Upgrade telecom, observation and data collection systems for upper air and surface networks.
1.4          Quality monitoring of greenhouse gases, air quality, inland lakes, African oceans, coastal environments and glaciers.
1.5          Hydrological observations and data management
1.6          Detect and attribute carbon sources and sinks.
1.7          Early warning and seasonal forecasting.
1.8          Long term climate projections and scenarios.
1.9          Climate information packaging for all climate sensitive sectors and end users.