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Africa: 'Three Things We Need G7 to Do' - an Open Letter From 49 MPs Across Africa

Wed, 2024-06-12 12:55
[African Arguments] A group of parliamentarians from 20 countries across Africa call for debt forgiveness, financial reform, and climate commitments to be met.

Liberia: 'Water Everywhere' - Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Monrovia

Wed, 2024-06-12 12:52
[Liberian Observer] The voice on the line remained calm, devoid of panic, yet hinted at underlying distress. The caller expressed a desire to speak with the Editor.

Ghana: Let's Emulate IFRC's Assistance to Fight Climate Change

Wed, 2024-06-12 12:26
[Ghanaian Times] Ghanaian Times deems it appropriate to commend the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) for allocating US$1 million to support locally-led climate change actions in Ghana over a period of five years.

Africa: Conclusions of the 2024 Paris Peace Forum Spring Meeting

Wed, 2024-06-12 11:15
[Paris Peace Forum] Benguerir, Morocco -- At the Spring Meeting of the Paris Peace Forum , hosted by the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) in its Campus in Benguerir, Morocco, global leaders gathered to unveil new global initiatives to tackle two of the world's biggest challenges: how to turn Africa into an agricultural superpower, and how to ensure responsible management and supply/sourcing of the minerals we need to fuel the green transition.

Nigeria: NiMet Lists Nigerian States to Experience Rainfall in Next Three Days

Wed, 2024-06-12 09:49
[Premium Times] As a result of the expected moderate to heavy rainfall, the agency said there are prospects of flash flooding and strong winds that may accompany the rains.

Nigeria: How Green Republic Farms Is Protecting Food Production Against Climate Change

Wed, 2024-06-12 08:22
[Nigeria Health Watch] For dedicated farmers like Baliqees Salaudeen-Ibrahim, the effect of climate change has been disheartening. Her once-dependable weather patterns that she relied on for her planting and harvesting have become unpredictable, jeopardising her livelihood.

Senegal: Senegal's Remote Bassari People Talk About Climate Change, and How Their Local Knowledge Is Key to Coping Strategies

Wed, 2024-06-12 07:57
[The Conversation Africa] The Bassari people, a farming community of about 20,000 people, live in an area between Senegal and Guinea. During French colonial rule, the Bassari lost part of their communal land to a national park and were subjected to poll taxes and forced labour. Senegal achieved independence in 1960 and in 2012 the Bassari area was declared a world heritage site, a change that bolstered small-scale tourism.

Madagascar: The G7 Is Right to Put Food At the Heart of Climate Plans. but How Matters

Wed, 2024-06-12 07:57
[African Arguments] Policymaking that sidelines farmers in countries like Madagascar, where I am Agriculture Minister, can be as harmful as the climate crisis itself.

Africa: Turning the Tide - Health Community Turns to UNFCC for Inclusivity

Wed, 2024-06-12 07:57
[IPS] Bonn -- There is a rapid realization that climate change is impacting health, which is why the recently adopted World Health Organization's Climate Change and Health Resolution is considered pivotal.

Africa: Funding Early Warning Systems Will Save Lives and Pay for Itself in No Time

Tue, 2024-06-11 15:34
[African Arguments] Investing $1 billion in early warning systems would avoid $35 billion in losses each year.

Sudan: Heatwave Kills Dozens of Sudanese En Route to Egypt

Tue, 2024-06-11 13:39
[Dabanga] Aswan -- Dozens of Sudanese people attempting to illegally cross the border into Egypt have died, many from scorching heat. Long waiting times at the border, compounded with difficulties in obtaining a visa, are pushing more people to take illegal routes into Egypt in hopes of reaching a more stable life.

Southern Africa: Southern Africa Drought Crisis Demands Fresh Solutions

Tue, 2024-06-11 08:10
[SciDev.Net] Blantrye, Malawi -- More than 30 million people in Southern Africa have been affected by drought and now face severe food insecurity and humanitarian challenges that require innovative solutions and emergency funding to address, UN agencies and governments warn.

Cameroon: The Cameroon Climate Justice Movement Calls On the Minister of the Environment to Take Action Against Deforestation

Mon, 2024-06-10 15:03
[Greenpeace] Greenpeace Africa has just launched the Cameroonian Climate Justice Movement (CCJM) in Cameroon. This network, which brings together nearly 40 civil society organisations from 10 regions of Cameroon working in the field of environment protection, will serve as a platform for exchange and decision-making with a view to collective action to better protect the environment in Cameroon. For its first action, the CCJM mobilised nearly 500 Cameroonians for a march that ended with the handing over to the

Africa: At Least Seven Billion Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide to Be Removed Yearly to Hit Climate Target - Report

Mon, 2024-06-10 15:02
[Premium Times] The report said for the world to meet the target, climate change mitigation must be done sustainably.

South Africa: 10 Dead in Eastern Cape Floods

Mon, 2024-06-10 11:43
[allAfrica] The police have reported that a total of 10 people have drowned or died in the recent floods in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro in the Eastern Cape, reports IOL.

Nigeria: Tinubu Approves New Leadership for National Council On Climate Change, Names Nkiruka Maduekwe As DG/CEO

Mon, 2024-06-10 08:45
[This Day] President Bola Tinubu has approved the appointment of Dr. Nkiruka Maduekwe as the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of the National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) in interim capacity, pending the confirmation of her appointment by the NCCC Supervisory Council.

Nigeria: President Tinubu Approves New Leadership for National Council On Climate Change

Mon, 2024-06-10 08:45
[Vanguard] PRESIDENT Bola Tinubu has approved the appointment of Dr. Nkiruka Maduekwe as the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of the National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) in interim capacity, pending the confirmation of her appointment by the NCCC Supervisory Council.

Nigeria: Tinubu Approves Mandate for Envoy On Climate Action, Expands Green Economy Membership Committee

Mon, 2024-06-10 08:27
[Premium Times] Mr Tinubu emphasised diligence, dedication, and patriotism in executing this critical national assignment to realise his administration's agenda on climate action and green industrial growth for the long-term benefit of the Nigerian people and Africans at large.

Nigeria: Tinubu Appoints New Leadership for Nigeria's Climate Change Council

Mon, 2024-06-10 08:27
[Premium Times] The president has also approved that Mr Shelleng is to assume the position of Secretary of the Intergovernmental Committee on National Carbon Market Activation Plan (NCMAP).

Nigeria: Tinubu Empowers Climate Envoy As Nigeria's Chief Negotiator

Mon, 2024-06-10 07:53
[Leadership] President Bola Tinubu has empowered Nigeria's Office of the Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Action (SPEC), designating it as the country's chief negotiator and coordinator for all climate-related matters.