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Liberia: Advocacy Groups Launch Initiative to Protect Environmental Defenders

Fri, 2024-04-05 10:08
[Liberian Observer] Green Advocates International has launched "Standing Together for Environmental Defenders" (STAND), an initiative to protect Grassroots Environmental Defenders (GEDs) in Liberia, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya.

Mozambique: Torrential Rain and Floods Forecast for Southern Mozambique Tonight

Fri, 2024-04-05 10:00
[AIM] Maputo -- Mozambique's National Meteorology Institute (INAM) is forecasting torrential rain and floods for Friday in southern Mozambique.

Seychelles: Seychelles Agrees to Sign Global MOU On Zero Emission Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Thu, 2024-04-04 14:27
[Seychelles News Agency] With the aim to get assistance to help decarbonise the transport sector in Seychelles, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the signing of the Global Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Zero Emission Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles.

South Africa: South Africa Among Top Air Polluters On the Continent, NGO Report Finds

Thu, 2024-04-04 07:59
[Daily Maverick] A Greenpeace report says South Africa is home to six of the world's 10 largest nitrogen dioxide emission hotspots and nine of Africa's 10 largest nitrogen dioxide point sources.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Declares National Disaster Amid El Nino Drought

Thu, 2024-04-04 07:58
[DW] Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is asking for $2 billion (€1.85 billion) in food aid to help milllions of people impacted by drought brought about by the El Nino weather pattern.

Southern Africa: Millions in Southern Africa Face Hunger as Extreme Weather Wreaks Havoc - Oxfam

Thu, 2024-04-04 07:58
[Oxfam] Millions of people across Southern Africa, are grappling with the dual crises of hunger and flooding. Over half of Malawi's 19 million population, six million people in Zambia, over three million in Zimbabwe, and three million more in Mozambique are facing hunger. Meanwhile, in Mozambique's capital Maputo, floods wreaked havoc due to persistent heavy downpours that affected more than 50,000 people, barely two weeks after Tropical Storm Filipo hit parts of the country.

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Declares El Nino-Induced Drought a National Disaster - Over 2,7 Million in Need of Food Aid

Thu, 2024-04-04 07:58
[New Zimbabwe] PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared a state of emergency on drought currently gripping Zimbabwe.

Africa: Africa Now Emits As Much Carbon As It Stores - Landmark New Study

Thu, 2024-04-04 07:36
[The Conversation Africa] A landmark new study has found that, in the last decade, the African continent has started emitting more carbon than it stores. When the total amount of carbon that is sequestered by natural ecosystems (such as the soil and plants in grasslands, savannas and forests) exceeds the amount of total carbon emissions within a system, it's referred to as a net sink of carbon. But, the study found, as natural ecosystems are converted for agricultural purposes, the carbon storage capacity is decreasing - while the

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Declares Drought a National Disaster, Millions Face Hunger

Wed, 2024-04-03 14:34
[allAfrica] President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced that the country's drought is declared a national disaster, saying: "More than 2.7 million people in Zimbabwe will go hungry this year".

Malawi: WFP Urges Global Support As Malawi Faces Looming Food Crisis Triggered By El Niño

Wed, 2024-04-03 09:03
[WFP] Lilongwe -- The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is appealing for urgent resources to deliver life-saving food assistance to two million people reeling from the devastating impacts of drought, exacerbated by the effects of El Niño. This comes just days after Malawi's President Lazarus Chakwera declared a state of disaster. The El Niño impact is exacerbating the devastating effects of the climate crisis in Malawi. The country is still suffering from the impacts of tropical storms and cyclones in

Zimbabwe: U.S.$280bn Climate Bond Market Not Working

Wed, 2024-04-03 05:05
[The Herald] One of Wall Street's favourite financial innovations for helping reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions isn't functioning as intended.

Mozambique: Almost 220.000 People At Risk of Food Insecurity in Sofala

Tue, 2024-04-02 19:34
[AIM] Maputo -- Mozambique's relief agency, the National Institute for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction (INGD), has announced that almost 220.000 people may be at risk of food insecurity in the central province of Sofala as a result of a lack of rain which is believed to be related to the "El Niño' phenomenon.

Kenya: Kenya Braces for Heavy Rains, Strong Winds and Potential Flooding

Tue, 2024-04-02 13:22
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- The Kenya Meteorological Department has issued a warning due to the imminent occurrence of strong winds, heavy rainfall, and potential flooding in various parts of the country within the next 48 hours.

Ethiopia: Ethiopia - World Bank Helps Strengthen Rural Connectivity and Road Access to Boost Climate-Resilience and Food Security

Tue, 2024-04-02 08:25
[World Bank] Addis Ababa -- new program targeted at improving rural connectivity and access to markets aims to assist 11.3 million people in rural Ethiopia, 50% of which are women. A $300 million grant from the International Development Association* (IDA) will support the country in enhancing climate-resilient physical and digital access to food markets and services in rural areas and strengthen roads asset management.

Nigeria: Children and the Future of Health in a Changing Climate

Tue, 2024-04-02 08:16
[Nigeria Health Watch] "Our Climate is Changing.... Why Aren't We?" -- Vanini Aggarwal, a 15-year-old telling climate stories by young people in Nigeria.

Zimbabwe: Measures in Place to Mitigate El Niño Effects

Tue, 2024-04-02 08:12
[The Herald] Zimbabwe has suffered one of its worst droughts on record in the present summer season, with all three drought-related problems hitting: a late start to the season, little rain after the third week of January, and totals well below normal despite the heavy month of rain between mid-December and mid-January.

Africa: El Niño Disasters - Govts Know What's Coming, but Are Unprepared - What Must Change

Mon, 2024-04-01 12:22
[The Conversation Africa] Drought disasters in southern Africa are mainly attributed to a lack of preparedness, inadequate response and mitigation and poor risk reduction measures. With little to no preparation for drought disasters, such as the failure of the staple maize crop, the only option after the disaster hits is delayed relief action.

South Africa: South Africa's Laws Aren't Geared to Protecting Against Climate Change - Judges Are Trying to Fill the Gap

Mon, 2024-04-01 12:22
[The Conversation Africa] South Africa has plenty of environmental laws but none that specifically oblige government officials to consider the risks and impacts of climate change when they approve new developments. In their research, environmental law experts Clive Vinti and Melanie Jean Murcott set out how judges are dealing with this gap in the law.

Egypt: Support From Unesco for Egypt's Initiative to Confront Climate Change

Fri, 2024-03-29 20:08
[Egypt Online] The Executive Council of UNESCO issued a resolution unanimously among its members, affirming the support of the organization's 194 member states for Egypt's initiative to support adaptation and resilience in the water sector to confront climate change, which was launched during the COP 27 conference in Sharm El Sheikh.

Angola: Governor Assures Creation of Plan to Mitigate Drought

Fri, 2024-03-29 19:36
[ANGOP] Ondjiva -- The southern Cunene governor, Gerdina Didalelwa, announced on Thursday the creation of a contingency plan to mitigate the effects of the drought affecting the province and, consequently, jeopardizing the current 2023/2024 agricultural campaign.