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Kenya: 86 Families Ordered to Move Out of Ruiru Village in Kijabe

Tue, 2024-05-07 18:12
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- The government has directed 200 families in Rùirù village who live downstream Kijabe to vacate the area by 6pm today.

Somalia: Flood Warnings Issued By Sodma - Somali People Urged to Stay Vigilant During Spring Rains

Tue, 2024-05-07 18:01
[Shabelle] Mogadishu, Somalia -- The Somali Disaster Management Agency's (SoDMA) National Multi-hazard Early Warning Center has issued flood warnings to the Somali people, emphasizing the need for vigilance as the upcoming spring rains could potentially have a significant impact on their lives and property.

Ghana: Prepare for More Rains in the Coming Days - Ghana Meteorological Agency Warns

Tue, 2024-05-07 12:46
[Accra Time] The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has issued a warning to the public regarding an anticipated increase in rainfall across the country's southern region. The advice follows the rainfall experienced in the early hours of Monday, May 6, in Accra.

Kenya: Climate Crisis Has Reached Catastrophic Levels, CS Tuya Says

Tue, 2024-05-07 11:27
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- Environment, Climate Change and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya has said the climate crisis facing the country, characterised by heavy rainfall and resultant flooding sweeping across the country, had reached catastrophic levels.

Rwanda: Now That Floods Have Come to Cities, Govts Will Be Forced to Act

Tue, 2024-05-07 08:04
[New Times] Wild climatic swings, from sweltering heat and drought to relentless rain and floods, have become quite common lately. Climate experts warn that this pattern, where the wet season will become wetter and the dry season hotter, may become the norm.

Kenya: USAID Launches $6m Program for Climate Resilience Efforts in Kenya

Tue, 2024-05-07 08:04
[VOA] Nairobi, Kenya -- The United States Agency for International Development last week launched a $6 million program to support small businesses and financial institutions in northern Kenya that are looking to implement climate-smart practices and enhance their resilience to climate-related challenges. The region suffers from recurring droughts; when it does rain, it often floods and causes people to lose their livelihoods.

Africa: Are We Communicating Climate Change Wrong? Here Are Five Ways to Improve.

Tue, 2024-05-07 07:41
[UNDP] The way we communicate the issue has a different impact on different audiences

São Tomé and Príncipe: Climate-Smart Road Rehab - a Crucial Upgrade for São Tomé and Príncipe

Tue, 2024-05-07 07:41
[World Bank] The World Bank plays a critical role in transforming São Tomé and Príncipe's infrastructure by financing the Transport Sector Development and Coastal Protection Project. This project notably includes the rehabilitation of a 14-kilometer section of National Road 1 (EN-1), which connects the capital São Tomé to Guadalupe. The initiative aims to establish a new standard for climate-resilient road construction in the region. By focusing on enhancing road quality,

Tanzania: Kenya and Tanzania Face 'Humanitarian Crisis' Amid Disastrous Floods

Mon, 2024-05-06 18:22
[RFI] The death toll from weeks of devastating rains and floods had risen to 228 in Kenya, as authorities in the country and in neighbouring Tanzania warned that there was no sign of a let-up in the crisis.

Uganda: Urgent Repairs for Karuma Bridge

Mon, 2024-05-06 16:48
[Nile Post] Heavy rains have revealed a hidden threat on a vital Ugandan artery - the Karuma Bridge. Though no surface cracks were found, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) discovered compromised reinforcements beneath the bridge deck. Responding swiftly, UNRA is launching repairs expected to take under two months.

Kenya: 'Do Not Lower Guard, Despite Sunshine' Authorities Warn

Mon, 2024-05-06 13:33
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- The Kenya Meteorological Services says there is an elevated risk of moderate to heavy rainfall for much of the city.

East Africa: Uganda At Risk of Catastrophic Flooding As Kenya and Tanzania Struggle

Mon, 2024-05-06 13:18
[Nile Post] The Leader of Opposition, Joel Ssenyonyi has called on the government to provide an update to Ugandans regarding their preparedness to prevent a potential climatic catastrophe similar to the ongoing situation in Kenya and Tanzania.

Kenya: British High Commission Offers Sh140mn for Kenya Flood Relief Efforts

Mon, 2024-05-06 11:30
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- The British High Commission in Nairobi Nairobi has offered KES 140 million for flood relief efforts in Kenya, responding to the rising death toll of 220.

East Africa: East Africa - UN Support Continues Amid Heavy Rains, Severe Floods and Cyclone Threat

Mon, 2024-05-06 07:50
[UN News] The United Nations and partners continue to support authorities across East Africa as the region braces for more of the heavy rains and severe flooding that have reportedly killed upwards of 350 people since March.

Uganda: Ugandans Overwhelmingly Feel Climate Change Impact, Report Finds

Fri, 2024-05-03 17:17
[Nile Post] A new report by Twaweza reveals a stark reality: 86% of Ugandans acknowledge the impacts of climate change in their daily lives. The report highlights not only the consequences but also the potential causes, pointing a finger at human activities for environmental degradation.

Somalia: Crisis in Beledweyne - Severe Floods Trigger Mass Displacement

Fri, 2024-05-03 16:59
[Radio Dalsan] Beledweyne -- The central Somali town of Beledweyne continues to witness a harrowing exodus as residents flee their homes for the second consecutive day due to severe floods caused by heavy rains.

Kenya: Get Ready, Nairobi! Weatherman Sounds Alarm for Heavy Rain Friday

Fri, 2024-05-03 16:57
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- The Kenya Meteorological Department on Friday cautioned residents of the Nairobi metropolitan area about the likelihood of "heavy to very heavy rainfall" and advised exercising caution.

Southern Africa: Journalism in the Face of Environmental Crises

Fri, 2024-05-03 16:56
[MISA] As of April 2024, at least three Southern African countries -- Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe -- had declared the 2023-2024 agricultural season a state of disaster.

Kenya: Death Toll Climbs As Torrential Rains Contine to Batter Kenya

Fri, 2024-05-03 10:34
[RFI] Weeks of heavy rain and floods that have killed nearly 200 people continue to ravage parts of Kenya - causing landslides, destroying roads and forcing people from their homes.

Kenya: 56pc Want County Govts to Oversee Flood Response Efforts

Thu, 2024-05-02 16:46
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- A just released survey by the Trends and Insights For Africa (TOFA) shows that 37 percent of Kenyans feel it is the responsibility of Governors and their County Governments to spearhead the flood related Assistance-Response