The call for abstracts is now closed. If you submitted an abstract, the CCDA3 organizing committee will send you a response by the 02 of September 2013, indicating whether your abstract has been selected for presentation during the conference. Authors of selected abstracts will be expected to develop the papers in time for the conference. 
After the conference, selected papers will be compiled and published as conference proceedings.


The African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC) is organising the Third Annual Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA-III) at the UNECA Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 21 – 23 October, 2013. The Conference is organized each year under the auspices of the Climate for Development in Africa (ClimDev-Africa) Programme.  ClimDev-Africa is a consortium of key African development institutions including the United Nations Economic Commission (UNECA), the African Union Commission (AUC) and African Development Bank (AfDB). The theme of this year’s Conference is: Africa on the rise: can the opportunities from climate change spring the continent to transformative development?  The Conference will address five sub -themes that aim to share experiences and disseminate research results and assess how Africa is coping with impacts of climate change. It will also seek ways of strengthening Africa’s ability to take opportunities from climate change to better prepare the continent for transformative development.
The African Climate Policy Centre invites researchers, scientists, policy makers and practitioners to submit research papers on any of the following main topics:
  • Climate Science, Data and Services for Africa’s Adaptation and Mitigation
  • The Role of Policy in Building Africa’s Resilience to Climate Change Impacts
  • Green Economy and Climate Finance Opportunities in Africa
  • Is the Global Climate Change Framework working for Africa?

Conference Themes and Topics

Sub-theme 1: Climate Science, Data and Services for Africa’s Adaptation and Mitigation
Topic 1.1
African Climate Science Research: Lessons learnt and new frontiers
Paper 1: Sharing results of Africa Climate Conference 2013 (ACC2013)
Paper 2: Are current efforts to bridge climate data gaps sufficient?
Paper 3: Are we doing enough to scale up climate modeling capacity in Africa?
Topic 1.2
ClimDev- Africa Pilot Climate Service Projects
Paper 1: Show casing ClimDev-Africa pilot results
Paper 2: ClimDev-Africa vision for climate services in Africa
Topic 1.3
Leveraging Global Initiatives to Enhance African Climate Services
Paper 1: Climate services: are we targeting the right constituencies with the right messages? 
Paper 2: Opportunities from satellite observation systems in climate risk mitigation in Africa
Paper 3: What can GFCS contribute towards climate risk mitigation in Africa?
Sub-theme 2: The Role of Policy in Building Africa’s Resilience to Climate Change Impacts
Topic 2.1
Agriculture and Food Security Policies and Climate Resilience
Paper 1: Agricultural Policies and Climate Resilience – the experience of Malawi and Kenya
Paper 2: Research and development in policy formulation – what are the fundamental linkages for climate resilience?
Paper 3: Linkages between hunger, nutrition and climate justice
Topic 2.2
Loss and Damage in Africa 
Paper 1:  Bottom –up experiences - case of Small-holder households and Communities.
Paper 2:  Policy gaps vs the UNFCCC process.
Paper 3:  The UNFCCC process on loss and damage: what does it mean for African
Topic 2.3
Is Scientific Evidence Sufficient for formulating Effective Climate Resilient Policies?
Paper 1: Gaps in science and policy interface: how do we catch up?
Paper 2: Effective science policy loops: lessons from success stories
Paper 3: Have African countries benefited from NAPAs implementation?

Sub-theme 3: Green Economy and Climate Finance Opportunities in Africa
Topic 3.1
Paper 1: The Role of Renewable Energy Systems in Promoting Green Economy in Africa
Paper 2: Improving Energy Efficiency and Green Economy in Africa – have we lost the poverty argument?
Paper 3: Cost implications in the energy mix spectrum
Topic 3.2
Forestry and REDD+
Paper 1: Africa’s constraints in accessing REDD+, what are the options?
Paper 2: Trade in Forest Products – Potentials, Opportunities and Challenges in Africa
Paper 3: Forests and Desertification in Africa (CCDU)
Paper 4: REDD+ & Forest Industry transformation: why is real implementation so slow?
Topic 3.3
Climate Finance
Paper 1: The Costs and Financing of Adaptation in Africa
Paper 2: Domestic Climate Finance Sources and Mechanisms in Africa
Paper 3: Exploring New and Innovative Climate Finance Sources for Africa – ClimDev-Africa Special Fund (CDSF)
Paper 4: Who benefits from climate finance?
Sub-theme 4: Is the Global Climate Change Framework working for Africa?
Topic 4.1
Why is Africa still at the negotiation table?
Paper 1: What has Africa gained so far?
Paper 2: What other options does Africa have?
Paper 3: Means of Implementation
Paper 4: Are the decision making processes equitable and accountable?
Topic 4.2
COP 19 – Key Issues and Position in COP-19
Paper 1: Agriculture and REDD+
Paper 2: Framework for various approaches, non-market-based approaches and the new market mechanism
Paper 3: Raising ambition in pre-2020 period
Paper 4: Equity reference frameworks
Topic 4.3
The Post-2020 Regime – For, Content and Implications for Africa
Paper 1: Learning from the Recent Past
Paper 2: Burden Sharing Proposals and their Implications for Africa
Paper 3: The Legal Form of the Post-2020 Agreement
Paper 4: What could an equitable and ambitious climate agreement deliver for Africa?  What opportunities would it create?
If you are working on any of these sub-themes and topics with focus on Africa, the organizing committee would be happy to receive your abstract submission not exceeding 500 words before 22, August 2013. The abstract should summarize precisely the scope and content of the proposed paper. Authors are required to identify where the particular submission fits to the conference theme/sub-theme. Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified within 10 days of the closing date for abstract submission and will be required to submit a full paper, which will be reviewed by the organizing committee. Authors of selected papers will be invited for oral presentation and to submit an electronic copy for publication in CCDA-III proceedings. 
The conference is open to all stakeholders, institutions or individuals active in Climate Change and Development issues in Africa.  A total of 36 papers will be selected for oral presentations. Scientific papers will also be subjected to peer-review after the conference and those selected will be part of the conference proceedings publication. 
All contributions should be submitted in English or French. Submission is online at Submissions by email will not be accepted unless in very exceptional circumstances.
Please note: abstracts should be submitted only if one of the authors is able to attend the conference.
Important dates

22 August 2013 – Deadline for submission of abstracts

02 September 2013 – Notification of successful abstracts

05 October 2013 – Submission of fully developed papers

Financial support

Authors who are in need of financial support will be considered for a conference participation grant. 


Participation is solely by invitation for those who have no papers to present. Invited participants will have to register online.