Third Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA-III)

21-23 Oct, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Economic Commission for Africa
Africa Union Commission
Africa Development Bank


Full papers or posters should be submitted to the organizing committee by 05 October 2013.



Please note the following guidelines that have been adopted by the conference organisers for the parallel sessions:

  • All Power Point presentations will be limited to six (6) slides that cover the main problem being investigated (problem statement), the main approaches (methodology) and key messages (key conclusions).
  • The Power Point slides may have text and illustrations/figures.
  • Each presenter will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to deliver the key messages contained in their presentation with a special focus on the key results. This is aimed at creating more time for interactions between the experts and the audience.
  • All presenters will be seated at the podium (in a row) and take turns in delivering their key messages. At the end of their presentations, the moderator will open the floor for Q&A.
  • The moderator will use the last 10 minutes of each session to summarize the main points raised during the discussion.
Adherence to the program schedule will be strict. PowerPoint will be the only presentation format available. No overhead or slide projector facilities will be available.

Full papers 

Manuscripts should be written in Microsoft Word in 12-point font, and should not exceed 15 double-spaced, A4 pages including figures, tables and references. Papers should include an abstract not exceeding 150 words, and the corresponding author’s full address. 


Poster Presentation

Posters will be up for display throughout the conference in booths outside the conference rooms.


Posters should have dimensions of 120 cm length and 90 cm width and must be presented in the following format: 
  • Language: English or French.
  • Title: Capital letters; Arial or Serif font size 46 – 48; Center aligned.
  • International rules should be followed for scientific names.
  • Author(s) names: Arial 32; Center aligned; Underline presenting author.
  • Affiliation(s), address(es); include e-mail address of presenting author.
  • The structure of the poster should be: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions & References
  • The text of the content should be Arial or Serif font 36, preferably justified.
  • Acknowledgements can also be included at the end of the text.