Climate change and development in Africa (CCDA) conferences

An annual Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA) conference is the flagship event of ClimDev-Africa. It provides a forum where stakeholders such as NGOs and CSOs from across the continent engage on climate change issues. The event is in recognition that the end users of ClimDev-Africa results are rural and urban communities whose livelihoods, health and security are affected by climate change.
Since the original proposals put forward in Addis Ababa in April 2006, discussions have taken place with a variety of stakeholders around the functioning of ClimDev-Africa.  In order to ensure that linkages with all relevant stakeholders are maintained, the annual conference takes place to:
  • Act as a forum for consultations around the operation of ClimDev-Africa;
  • Provide opportunities to exchange information and learning in relation to the operation of ClimDev-Africa and similar or related activities;
  • Build coherence of ClimDev-Africa with other activities; and,
  • Enable stakeholders to make representations to the CDSC as required. 
Participants from the following broad categories are invited to the Conference:
  • National public/state/governmental institutions from across Africa;
  • RECs, RBOs and Regional Climate Institutions;
  • Civil Society Organisations and Non-governmental Organisations from across Africa;
  • Bilateral donors;
  • Multilateral organisations;
  • International NGOs;
  • Private sector organisations;
  • Researchers and technical experts;
  • Farmer, herder and fisherman representatives; and,
  • Any others they see fit.
CCDA has grown in its reach and influence across the continent. The first CCDA event in 2011 attracted over 600 participants and the second attracted 300 participants. In 2013, CCDA-III was attended by over 600 participants where rich and stimulating proceedings took place. More than 62 presentations were made in the break-out sessions, from which the ClimDev-Africa secretariat selected 35 original papers for possible publication.
CCDA has been a unique forum that brings together researchers, practitioners and policy makers. Participants have deliberated on sub-themes that include climate science, policy formulation, sustainable energy, climate finance, climate change negotiations as well as delving into the gender perspective.