Outreach, communication and institutional visibility

Working within the framework of ClimDev-Africa Programme the ACPC team concentrated its communica­tion efforts in four main areas:

  • dissemination of knowledge products,
  • daily news coverage for African media and ECA/ClimDev websites,
  • strategic communication support to the AGN,,and outreach to partners and stakeholders.
  • Dissemination of knowledge products: ACPC produced and distributed 500 memory sticks that contained climate change documentation and ECA-wide recent knowl­edge products.
  • Daily news coverage for African media and ECA/ClimDev websites: It sourced and disseminated news reports to the Africa media during the different phases of the negotiations. Many of the reports were picked up and used by news­papers and online outlets across Africa. The stories deliberately reflected the Af­rican Common Position on climate change negotiations. The main objective was to ensure that news stories go­ing out of Doha reflect the African position as much as possible. A contact list of about 300 non-African me­dia was established and will be updated as often as pos­sible.
  • Outreach to partners and stakeholders: The ECA booth included hard copies of key documents, posters, banners and other informa­tion products. ACPC print­ed and distributed 1500 pamphlets at an exhibition booth. Some 1000 people visited the booth, 150 left their addresses for further contacts; another 100 left their business cards; while 200 persons pick up some of ECA brochures from the African Union booth; about 500 memory sticks with rel­evant documentation were distributed at the booth. The booth was serviced by one of ACPC staff who proved to be an asset for the promo­tion of institutional prod­ucts.
  • Strategic communication: The team joint with other experts to provide strate­gic communication advice to the chair of the African Group of Negotiations; as­sisted at his press briefings