CDSF Support for climate information services in Eastern Africa

As climate disasters continue to threaten the record growth seen across Africa, the ClimDev-Africa Special Fund (the Fund) at the African Development Bank is investing in regional climate and weather observation networks, which enable countries to access high-quality climate information, and to build the capacity to produce, share and use this information when are where it’s needed. Nairobi, Kenya is home to the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center (ICPAC), one of five regional climate centers supported by the Fund. Here, some of Africa's best climate experts develop services and products for weather forecasting and early warning systems to help ensure that the Horn of Africa effectively navigates the adverse impacts of climate change. The Bank invests in Africa’s resilience and recovery through the Fund, as part of a joint partnership with UNECA and the African Union Commission, funded by the Nordic Fund, the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency and the Africa Caribbean Pacific/European Union.
More information on climate information services support in the sub-region is available via video clips posted on Vimeo, which can be accessed using the links below:
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