Africa Hopes for a Fair and Just Climate Deal Instead of ‘Dead Aid’

VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe (IDN) - Just as climate change has been getting popular in development discourse over the past two decades, so has been climate financing, which refers to local, national or transnational funding, drawn from public, private and/or alternative sources.

Climate finance is critical to addressing climate change because large-scale investments are required to significantly reduce emissions (mitigation), and for adaptation (coping with adverse effects).

How Climate Change Threatens Zambia’s Already Fragile Nutrition Record

PEMBA, Southern Zambia, Oct 31 2015 (IPS) - It is slightly after 10 o’clock in the morning and 48-year-old Felix Muchimba of Siamuleya village in Pemba district has just finished having breakfast – a traditional drink called Chibwantu, made of maize meal and grit.

Nutritionally, the drink does not offer much except energy for the day’s work. Normally, the next meal should be one o’clock, followed by the final meal of the day taken in the evening.

African Voices on Climate Change

African Voices on Climate Change captures the views and experiences of a broad cross-section of African society on climate change, with a particular focus on the response to what is called the greatest challenge of our time.

Researchers and policymakers, development practitioners, scientists, civil society and youth lend their voices to the climate change discourse from an African perspective.

Denton Fires Up ClimDev Partners as Zimbabwe Welcomes CCDA 5

VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe, 27 October 2015 (ClimDev-Africa) – The Coordinator of the African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC), and Director of the Special Initiatives Division at the UN Economic Commission for Africa, has fired up partners of the ClimDev-Africa initiative for a hitch-free 5th Annual Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA 5) which opens here tomorrow.

From Hotspot to Climate-smart Hub

Climate change has dominated the international agenda over the last quarter of 2014. From the UN climate week in New York to the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Summit in Beijing all the way to the G-20 meeting in Brisbane, the clear and present danger of unchecked rises in temperature levels has finally hit home. Setting aside old divides, world leaders have come forward with bold announcements and pledges in a bid to arrest climate change. The unfolding developments represent a watershed that will help break the long stalemate in global climate talks with the promise of ushering a new era of low-carbon future. This turn of events has led many to believe that the momentum for climate action is gathering steam ahead of the Lima Summit this month for a successful post-Kyoto agreement in Paris in 2015.

Dr. Denton joins UNEP’s Adaptation Gap Report Launch, Says Action Needed on Findings

LIMA, Peru 7 December, 2014 (ClimDev-Africa) – A senior official of the Economic Commission for Africa yesterday called for the infusion of the findings of UNEP’s recent Adaptation Gap Report into current discussions on the costs of adaptation to climate change for African countries.

EU welcomes action by US, China and wants “Paris alliance” ahead of 2015

LIMA, Peru 7 December 2014 (ClimDev-Africa) – The European Union delegation present in Peru for the ongoing global climate talks is upbeat about a positive Lima outcome that will pave the way for an agreement that would be acceptable to all in Paris next year.

Finance - A do-or-die issue for African negotiators at Lima COP20

LIMA, Peru 4 December, 2014 (ClimDev-Africa) – African negotiators at the on-going Lima climate talks in Lima, Peru have predicted that if any agenda item would delay agreement on a outcome statement, it would be climate finance; despite the fact that the US has committed to the Green Climate Fund.

African negotiators promise to strive for more favourable results for Africa at COP20

Lima, Peru, 05 December 2014 (ECA) – During a press conference on Tuesday the 2nd December in the Peruvian capital, the African Group of Negotiators on climate change committed to making every effort to ensure that COP20 produces conclusions that are highly favourable to Africa.

Africa sticks to its guns as developed countries dodge real issues at Lima climate talks

LIMA, Peru 3 December, 2014 (ClimDev-Africa) – Just on the third day of the 20th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP20) which opened in Lima Monday, a sense of frustration is already perceptible among a number of African delegations who blame tactics by Annex I countries to delay concrete discussions on substantive issues such as the implementation of the Durban Platform (ADP).