CDSF is now welcoming applications for grants between € 200,000 and € 400,000.

‘‘ Climate change seriously threatens to undermine all the development and progress made so far including poverty reduction and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

African Development Bank, Vice-President Aly Abou SABAA

Project eligibility

Proposed activities and projects must fall into  one or more of the following three areas.

  1. Generation and wide dissemination of reliable and high quality climate Information in Africa
  2. Capacity enhancement of policy makers and policy support institutions to integrate climate change information into development programs; and
  3. Implementation of pilot adaptation practices that demonstrate the value in mainstreaming climate information into development.

Who is eligible?

  • African countries of dedicated institutions, organizations, agencies undertaking activities in the territory of these countries
  • NGO,CSO and CBO: to be eligible, these organizations should demonstrate their credibility and track record in the CDSF areas on intervention

How to apply?

  1. Download the CDSF operations and procedures manual at
  2. Submit a complete project concept note according to Annex III of CDSF Operations and Procedures manual.
  3. Submit final application to:

About Clim-Dev Special Fund

The Clim-Dev Special Fund (CDSF) is a multi-donor fund established by the African Development Bank under a tripartite partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC) and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). It s currently capitalized to € 33 million - With contributions from the Nordic Development Fund, Swedish International Development Agency and the European Union.


CDSF is the investment arm of ClimDev-Africa program which aims to address the challenges associated with climate data and information. It envisages to translate these into effective policies to support adaptation and mitigation on the continent.


Clim-Dev Sepcial Fund - Call for proposals [en]

Clim-Dev Special Fund - Call for proposals [fr]