CCDA-V Logistical Information

Conference venue

The CCDA-V conference will be held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from the 28th-30th October 2015. The venue will be the Elephant Hills Resort, where some of the participants will also stay.

Elephant hills hotel and resort is situated on a small hill overlooking the Zambezi River, 4km upstream from the Victoria Falls with advanced conferencing amenities for upto 500 participants.

Hotel information

ClimDev-Africa has reserved a number of hotels to accommodate participants. Participants can stay at any of the hotels where arrangements have been made. The list of the hotels is attached in appendix I.

Participants will be responsible for settling their hotel bills including accommodation, meals, telephone, Internet/fax, room service, mini-bar and laundry.

Some participants will be accommodated across the border in hotels located in Livingstone, which is a few minutes drive from Victoria Falls.

Contact persons

In Addis Ababa:

James Murombedzi

African Climate Policy center (ACPC)

Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In Zimbabwe:

Mr. Washington Zhakata

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management

Climate Change Office

Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 712 331 339

Visa processing

The application of an entry visa to the Republic of Zimbabwe is the responsibility of each participant. The Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate will only assist participants to obtain visas by sending official invitation letters, where required, but participants are requested to contact the Zimbabwean Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in their country of residence for any information on this subject.

All travelers arriving in Zimbabwe should have a valid passport. Zimbabwe has three (3) Visa categories, namely A, B and C.

There are three categories of countries in the visa process. Category A do not need visas to enter Zimbabwe, while Category B nationals can obtain a visa on arrival on paying visa fees. Category C nationals are required to obtain a visa on arrival. Countries in the three countries are provided in Appendix II.

To process a visa for entry into Zimbabwe, please open the e-visa website at Note that on average, it takes 2-3 days to obtain an online visa.

Immigration requirements

To comply with the import customs regulations of the Government of Zimbabwe, conference participants should declare laptops and conference equipment they may carry with them when entering the country.


Participants are required to register and obtain identification badges prior to the opening of the meeting. There will be a documentation and registration desk at the reception located at the Elephant Hills Hotel, where participants can register and receive an information package.

For identification and security reasons, all participants are requested to wear the meeting badge all the times during the meeting.


The Conference working languages will be English and French. Simultaneous interpretation will be available in these languages.

Local transportation

The organizers have arranged for shuttle buses for airport transfers. If you would like to use the bus provided by the organizers to travel from Victoria Falls airport to the CCDA-V venue and back but are not sponsored, kindly complete an online form to indicate your travel itinerary. The form is provided at

Buses will be available to provide daily transportation from all block booked hotels to the conference venue.

Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA)

DSA will be provided to sponsored participants in Victoria Falls at the conference venue (exact place and time will be announced at the conference).

Health care

Visitors to Zimbabwe should be in possession of a valid vaccination certificate for yellow fever.  Ebola checks will be done at the point of entry.  Participants should ensure that routine vaccinations are up to date, including hepatitis A, rabies and typhoid.

In case of accident or illness during the meeting, the participant must immediately inform a member of the Organizing Committee through the contact persons. Participants should ensure that they are adequately insured against illness, accident, temporary disability etc. ECA does not assume any responsibility or liability for such risks.

Below is the list of a few clinics in Victoria Falls:

T.H.B. Private Hospital

Victoria Falls Medical Center

+263 13 43356


Zimbabwean operates a multi-currency system.  United States Dollars (USD), South African Rand (ZAR), British Pound Sterling, Euro and Botswana Pula are legal tender, although most transactions are in US Dollars.  Credit & Debit Cards: American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in Zimbabwe. ATMs are widely available.

Participants are advised to bring an adequate supply of hard currency or travellers-cheques.

Bank working Hours:

8.00am- 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

8.00am – 12,00noon Saturday.

Closed Sundays and public holidays


The Government of Zimbabwe will provide 24 hour security for all the VIPs. All hotels and conference venues will be manned by the police. Zimbabwe is a peaceful country. Like any other tourist resort town around the world, visitors are discouraged from venturing into unlit area. Please read the security information provided by your hotel for your personal safety. Note also that Victoria Falls is a resort town located in a National Park with wildlife


Victoria Falls town is located to the extreme North-West of Zimbabwe at an altitude of 930m above sea level.  In October, the town enjoys hot daytime temperatures as high as 36°C and as cool as 15°C early morning. Humidity ranges from 25% on dry days and 100% when there are afternoon or evening showers, especially during the last half of the month. Winds are generally North-Easterly and light to moderate i.e. from 5 to 10 knots.

Time zone

Zimbabwe time zone is GMT+3

Electricity supply

Electricity supply in Zimbabwe is 220-240 volts, 50 cycles AC accessible via 13-amp, three square pin (United Kingdom) socket. An image of this socket type is included below.

Mobile phone service

Econet, Telecel and Netone are the main mobile Telecommunication Companies in Zimbabwe which offer SIM cards with pre-charged airtime. The cost of a 3G SIM card is 2 USD . Participants will require their passport when purchasing a SIM card from authorized stores.

Zimbabwe has roaming convention with many countries.

General Information on Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a town in the province of Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. It lies on the southern bank of the Zambezi River at the western end of the Victoria Falls themselves. It is connected by road and railway to Hwange (109 km away) and Bulawayo (440 km away), both to the south-east.

According to the 2012 Population Census, the town had a population of 33,060. Victoria Falls Airport is located 18 km south of the town and has international services to Johannesburg and Namibia.

Appendix I: Hotels

Hotels with special arrangements with ACPC (and special rate for participants):

Hotel Name



Elephant Hill Hotel

5 Star

Victoria Falls Hotel

3 Star

Cresta Spray view Hotel


3 Star

Appendix II: Visa regime

Category A: no visa required

    1 Antigua & Barbuda

    2 Aruba

    3 Bahamas

    4 Barbados

    5 Belize

    6 Botswana

    7 Cayman

    8 Congo (DRC)

    9 Cyprus

    10 Fiji

    11 Grenada

    12 Hong Kong

    13 Hong Kong (China)

    14 Jamaica

15 Kenya

    16 Kiribati

    17 Leeward Isl

    18 Lesotho

    19 Malaysia

    20 Malawi

    21 Maldives

    22 Malta

    23 Mauritius

    24 Montserrat

    25 Namibia

    26 Nauru

    27 New Zealand

    28 Samoa Western

    29 Singapore

    30 Solomon Isle

    31 St Kitts

    32 St Lucia

    33 St Vincent & The Grenadies

    34 Swaziland

    35 Tanzania

    36 Togo

    37 Trinidad & Tobago

    38 Turk & Caicos Islands

    39 Tuvalu

    40 Uganda

    41 Vanuatu

    42 Zambia


Category B: visa on arrival countries upon paying visa fee

    1 Argentina

    2 Austria

    2 Australia

    4 Belgium

    5 Bermuda

    6 Brazil

    7 Brunei

    8 Canada

    9 Czech Republic

    10 Cook Island

    11 Denmark

    12 Dominic Rep

    13 Egypt

    14 Finland

    15 France

    16 Germany

    17 Greece

    18 Hungary

    19 Indonesia

    20 Iceland

    21 Ireland

    22 Israel

    23 Italy

    24 Japan

    25 Korea (South)

    26 Kuwait

    27 Liechtenstein

    28 Luxemburg

    30 Monaco

    31 Netherlands

    32 New Zealand

    33 Norway

    34 Palau Islands

    35 Palestine

    36 Papua New Guinea

    37 Poland

    38 Portugal

    39 Puerto Rico

    40 Russia

    41 Seychelles

    42 Slovak

    43 Spain

    44 Sweden

    45 Switzerland

    46 Uruguay

    47 United Kingdom

    48 United States of America

    49 Vatican

    50 Virgin Islands



Category C: visa must be obtained prior to travel (via online application)

    1 Afghanistan

    2 Albania

    2 Algeria

    4 Andorra

    5 Angola

    6 Amenia

    7 Azerbaijan

    8 Bahrain

    9 Bangladesh

    10 Belarus

    11 Benin

    12 Bhutan

    13 Bolivia

    14 Bosnia-Herzegovina

    15 Bulgaria

    16 Burkina Faso

    17 Cambodia

    18 Cameroon

    19 Cape Verde Islands

    20 Central Africa Republic

    21 Chad

    22 Chile

    23 China

    24 Colombia

    25 Comoros Islands

    26 Congo (Brazaville)

    27 Costa Rica

    28 Conakry

    30 Cote d'Voire

    31 Croatia

    32 Cuba

    33 Djibouti Republic

    34 Equator

    35 El Salvador

    36 Equatorial Guinea

    37 Eritrea

    38 Estonia

    39 Ethiopia

    40 Ethiopia


    41 French Guiana

    42 French Polynesia

    43 French West Indies

    44 Gabon

    45 Gambia

    46 Georgia

    47 Gibraltar

    48 Guam

    49 Guataremala

    50 Guinea

    51 Guinea Bissau

    52 Guyana

    53 Haiti

    54 Honduras

    55 India

    56 Iran

    57 Iraq

    58 Jordan

    59 Kazakhstan

    60 Korea (DPRK)

    61 Krygyzstan

    62 Laos

    63 Latvia

    64 Lebanon

    65 Liberia

    66 Libya

    67 Lithuania

    68 Macau

    69 Madagascar

    70 Mali

    71 Mashall Islands

    72 Mauritania

    73 Mexico

    74 Micronesia

    75 Moldova

    76 Mongolia

    77 Morocco

    78 Myanmar

    79 Nepal

    80 New Caledonia

    80 Nicaragua

    81 Niger

    82 Nigeria

    83 Norfolk Islands

    84 Northern Mariana Isl.

    85 Oman

    86 Pakistan

    87 Panama

    89 Paraguay

    90 Peru

    91 Philippines

    92 Principe

    93 Qatar

    94 Reunion

    95 Romania

    96 Samoa (America)

    97 San Marino

    98 Sao Tome

    99 Saudi Arabia

    100 Senegal

    101 Serbia

    102 Sierra Leone

    103 Somalia

    104 Sri Lanka

    105 Sudan

    106 Suriname

    107 Syria

    108 Tajikistan

    109 Taiwan

    110 Thailand

    111 Togo

    112 Tunisia

    113 Turkey

    114 Turkmenistan

    115 Ukraine

    116 Uzbekistan

    117 Venezuela

    118 Yemen Republic

    119 Yugoslavia


Appendix III: Selected restaurants in Victoria Falls

The Boma

Mama Africa