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Africa: Why Net Zero Pledges From the 'Fossil Fuelled 5' Ring Hollow #AfricaClimateCrisis

Sun, 2021-11-14 12:07
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nations that have amassed vast amounts of wealth from fossil fuels over centuries are unwilling to give it up - when the wealth could be used to fund the transition to cleaner energy

South Africa: Climate Finance for a Transition Away From Coal - a Chance to Change History in South Africa #AfricaClimateCrisis

Sun, 2021-11-14 11:58
[The Conversation Africa] In the opening days of the COP26 international climate conference, a financing partnership was announced between South Africa and a consortium consisting of France, Germany, the UK, the US and the European Union (EU). The partnership aims to support South Africa's just transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy and society. Essentially a just transition is one where no one is left behind.

Africa: Six Areas Where Action Must Focus to Rescue This Planet #AfricaClimateCrisis

Sun, 2021-11-14 11:57
[The Conversation Africa] For some time, the Earth's natural resources have been depleted faster than they can be replaced. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has set a 2030 deadline to reduce heat-trapping emissions by half to avoid climate change that is both irreversible and destructive.

Africa: Rights Groups Warn Paris Pact Rules On Carbon Markets Leave Indigenous People Exposed #AfricaClimateCrisis

Sat, 2021-11-13 14:55
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Carbon markets rules set to be decided in Glasgow lack protections to stop abuses of indigenous forest communities, human rights experts warn

Kenya: Fear of Girls Being Married Off for Cash, Food As Drought Bites

Sat, 2021-11-13 13:39
[Nation] Authorities in Tana River County are investigating claims that young girls are being married off for food and cash as families struggle to survive amid the raging drought.

Seychelles: Seychelles-Supported 'Great Blue Wall' Initiative Launched At Global Climate Change Conference #AfricaClimateCrisis

Sat, 2021-11-13 12:41
[Seychelles News Agency] An initiative to conserve, restore and sustainably use marine and coastal ecosystems in the western Indian Ocean called the Great Blue Wall launched on Wednesday at the UN climate change conference, COP26, in Glasgow.

Mozambique: The Farmers Navigating Conflict, Climate Change and Covid #AfricaClimateCrisis

Sat, 2021-11-13 11:48
[African Arguments] Despite facing a triple threat with little government support, female farmers have proven surprisingly resilient.

Uganda: 'Start Caring - The Climate Crisis is Here' #AfricaClimateCrisis

Fri, 2021-11-12 18:24
[allAfrica] Cape Town -- AllAfrica's Jerry Chifamba spoke with Cynthia Kinyera, a young Ugandan who was one of a few people who defended climate activist Vanessa Nakate from harsh tweets after Nakate said Ugandans are dying because of the climate crisis in the East African country affected by droughts and floods.

Uganda: Young, African Climate Activists Like Vanessa Nakate Need Our Support #AfricaClimateCrisis

Fri, 2021-11-12 18:14
[allAfrica] Cape Town -- When we speak about young African voices fighting climate change, Vanessa Nakate comes to mind.

Nigeria: Lagos Builds Infrastructure to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Fri, 2021-11-12 15:14
[This Day] As part of efforts to reduce the carbon footprint in Lagos, the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has stated that the state government has begun the building of low carbon healthcare infrastructure facilities in the state.

Liberia: House to Review Petition On Climate Change

Fri, 2021-11-12 13:26
[New Dawn] The House of Representatives has instructed its Committee on Mines and Energy, Claims and Petition, Judiciary and Ways, Means and Finance to review a recent petition from Climate Justice Activists in Monrovia.

Malawi: Malawi to Pilot Education for Adaptation and Acceleration (E4AA) Initiative in Climate Change

Fri, 2021-11-12 12:27
[Nyasa Times] Malawi is among 10 countries selected to pilot the Education for Adaptation Acceleration (E4AA) initiative in climate change.

Africa: Why Are Coral Reefs Dying? #AfricaClimateCrisis

Fri, 2021-11-12 11:57
[UNEP] Beneath the ocean surface, an expansive network of dynamic skeletal-like invertebrates harbours at least 25 per cent of all known marine species. Both hard and soft corals provide the basis for functioning coral reefs, which are some of the planet's most biologically diverse and valuable ecosystems. They provide important cultural, economic, recreational and social benefits to hundreds of millions of people. They buffer shorelines against damage from storms and provide a source of medicine. And they are dy

South Africa: Vulnerable Lizard Species Gets Hot and Bothered in Rising Temperatures #AfricaClimateCrisis

Fri, 2021-11-12 10:55
[The Conversation Africa] Reptiles probably don't spring to mind when you think of species likely to be affected by rising global temperatures. After all, since they're often found in hot environments, they're able to withstand high temperatures and can reduce water loss through their skin.

Africa: Continent Misses Out On Climate Funding #AfricaClimateCrisis

Fri, 2021-11-12 09:54
[DW] At the COP26 summit, African countries are pushing for more money to protect against climate change. But even if further financing is pledged, they still face significant hurdles accessing the funds.

Mozambique: Mozambique Optimistic About COP26 Climate Conference

Fri, 2021-11-12 09:43
[AIM] The Mozambican government is optimistic about the possible outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) which is taking place in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Speaking on 31 October to journalists in Glasgow, Deputy Foreign Minister Manuel Goncalves said, "Mozambique is taking part in COP26 in the hope that world leaders will take decisions that drive the implementation of environmental protocols, conventions and agreements, including the Paris agreement on climate change".

Nigeria: UK Launches £27 Million Funding for Lagos #AfricaClimateCrisis

Fri, 2021-11-12 09:09
[Premium Times] Lagos to receive support for the implementation of its climate action plans and priorities.

Kenya: Kenya-UK Step Up Climate Change Partnerships

Fri, 2021-11-12 08:59
[Capital FM] Nairobi -- The UK has stepped up climate action in Kenya with new partnerships announced at the COP26 global climate change talks in Glasgow, Scotland.

Africa: Why Taking Climate Action Supports Global Health and Saves Money #AfricaClimateCrisis

Thu, 2021-11-11 17:19
[allAfrica] Cape Town -- What does health have to do with climate change? If you stop to think about it: Everything.

Africa: Placing Gender On the Front Burner of Climate Change Action

Thu, 2021-11-11 17:17
[This Day] Glasgow, Scotland -- There is a commitment from member countries at the ongoing Climate Change Conference (COP26) to promote gender-responsiveness programmes in climate change related activities.