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Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai Survivors Fret Over Looming Rain Season

Mon, 2019-11-11 12:44
[New Zimbabwe] Thousands of families living in areas devastated by the March Cyclone Idai in the eastern parts of Zimbabwe are living in fear of another natural disaster of almost similar proportions as the new rain season approaches.

South Africa: Future Foretold - SA's Corporate Heavyweights and the Zero-Sum Game of Climate Collapse

Mon, 2019-11-11 12:39
[Daily Maverick] Based in the UK, the Carbon Disclosure Project collates the environmental and climate change concerns of over 6,000 international corporations. By accessing the submissions of 16 major South African conglomerates across the sectors of food retail, mining, financial services and healthcare (among others), Our Burning Planet stumbled into an incredibly grim near-future landscape -- one where current business models would struggle to co-exist with food, water and basic services for the majority. What we need,

South Africa: Disaster Management Teams On Standby As Heavy Storms Predicted for KZN

Mon, 2019-11-11 12:01
[News24Wire] Disaster management teams in KwaZulu-Natal have been placed on high alert following reports of severe thunderstorms, MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Sipho Hlomuka said on Sunday.

Kenya: WFP Airlifts Food Aid to Areas Cut Off By Floods

Mon, 2019-11-11 11:49
[Capital FM] Nairobi -The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) assisted the government of Kenya to air lift relief food and supplies to areas cut off by widespread flooding, Saturday.

Zimbabwe: Govt Secures U.S.$10 Million Grant for Forest Management

Sun, 2019-11-10 15:35
[New Zimbabwe] Mutare -Zimbabwe has secured a US$10 million grant to implement a forest and land management project in three provinces in efforts to address land degradation, reduced agricultural productivity and biodiversity loss.

Africa: Scientists Push for Climate-Friendly Farming Methods

Sat, 2019-11-09 18:16
[East African] Africa must adopt climate-friendly farming methods to revamp its struggling agriculture and feed its 1.2 billion people.

Africa: Diet for Healthy People, Healthy Planet Too Costly for Some

Fri, 2019-11-08 17:33
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Rome -At $2.84 per head per day, the 'ideal diet' would be beyond reach for nearly 1.6 billion people, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, researchers say

Africa: Saving the Planet Requires a New Economic Model. It's That Simple

Fri, 2019-11-08 17:20
[Daily Maverick] To continue life as we know it is to plunge the planet and its people into ecological catastrophe. To change course requires a fundamental rethink of the economic and financial models many take for granted. A groundswell of change has begun and is likely to gather momentum.

Africa: The Climate Crisis Has Arrived, Leaving Fate of Humanity in the Balance - Thousands of Top Scientists

Fri, 2019-11-08 17:03
[Daily Maverick] In a radical departure from the conservative language that normally defines science, 11,258 scientists from around the world have called for drastic climate action to "avoid untold suffering".

South Africa: Civil Disobedience in a Time of Climate Crisis

Fri, 2019-11-08 16:59
[Daily Maverick] Last week, I decided to get arrested for the first time in my life. As a person who has believed in the power and rule of law as a force for good throughout my 25-year career as a lawyer, this was no small decision.

Africa: The Human Health Benefits of Conserving and Restoring Peatlands

Fri, 2019-11-08 16:28
[UNEP] It is well known that peatlands matter for livelihoods, carbon storage, flood mitigation, and water quality, but a recent study has shown that peatlands also matter for human health.

South Africa: Extinction Rebellion Calls Africa Oil Week Delegates 'Climate Criminals'

Fri, 2019-11-08 16:27
[GroundUp] Extinction Rebellion protestors surprised conference-goers at Africa Oil Week for a second time this week. At noon on Friday, five protestors began hanging a massive banner at the Cape Town International City Centre (CTICC) with "Africa oil week Climate Criminals Conference" and displaying the Extinction Rebellion logo.

Africa: Scientists Predict El Nino in 2020 Based On Earlier Warning Method

Fri, 2019-11-08 15:17
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Barcelona -The ability to predict an El Nino at least a year ahead could help threatened countries better prepare for impacts, from flooding to drought

Africa: Out of School, in the Dictionary - 'Climate Strike' Declared 'Word of the Year'

Fri, 2019-11-08 15:15
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -As climate protesters have taken to the streets around the world, a new term is gaining popularity

Africa: Green Cement? Captured Carbon May Fuel New Markets and Help Climate

Fri, 2019-11-08 15:07
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Turning climate-changing carbon dioxide into products from fuel to fertilizer could make climate action pay - but obstacles remain, researchers say

Africa: Nature Can Help Us Fight Climate Change - If We Hurry

Fri, 2019-11-08 13:32
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nature is always the first to showcase the effects of a warming planet, but it also holds the answer to staying - and repelling - this seemingly unstoppable march to climate apocalypse

Senegal: Senegal Receives $23.1m AU Agency Drought Payout

Fri, 2019-11-08 12:21
[Nation] The Government of Senegal has received $23.1 million compensation from the AU insurance agency, the African Risk Capacity (ARC).

Zimbabwe: Seismography Instruments in Manicaland to Detect Earthquakes

Fri, 2019-11-08 12:19
[New Zimbabwe] Chimanimani -Following the March tropical Cyclone Idai which ravaged the south eastern parts of Manicaland, leaving massive death and environmental damage, the Meteorology Service Department is setting up seismography instruments across the region, to detect earthquakes.

Sudan: '19 Mln Hectares of Sudan's Agricultural Land Threatened By Drought'

Fri, 2019-11-08 01:17
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -Drought threatens 19 million hectares of mechanised and traditional rainfed land and pasture lands in Sudan, according to Dr Abdelazim Mirghani, secretary-general of the Desertification Council at the National Council for Environment and Natural Resources.

South Africa: Emergency Measures Put in Place At Jubilee Hospital to Deal With Water Crisis

Thu, 2019-11-07 16:46
[News24Wire] Jubilee Hospital in Hammanskraal, Gauteng, has put measures in place - in the form of changes to operations - to deal with its water crisis.