Technology and Capacity Building


Technology and capacity issues also arise in the context of the post-2020 agreement and in other work under the Convention, including the Technology Mechanism of the Convention.  

The African Group wants to ensure barriers preventing technology transfer are removed, including the appropriate treatment of intellectual property rights and removal of patents from certain climate-related technologies. They have expressed the importance of operationalizing the technology transfer mechanism, and extending the mandate of the Durban Forum on Capacity-Building

Several approaches have been suggested. The African Group's pre-2020 mitigation ambition proposal focusing on renewable energy is one topical approach currently under discussion. In this approach, Africa is in with discussion with some donors regarding the possibility of launching a global partnership on renewable energy.    

A second focus could be on the need for a “comprehensive and balanced” post-2020 agreement to meet the needs of Africa and address on the need for coverage of all the elements — mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology, capacity and transparency.  This would help to build some momentum, and counter the tendency (despite Africa’s efforts) towards narrow mitigation-centric outcomes.

A third could be on adaptation in the post-2020 period. While some initial thinking has been done about how adaptation and loss and damage would fit in the post-2020 agreement, there are clearly opportunities for further discussion in the lead up to Paris.  How can adaptation receive legal and political parity?  What specific mechanisms are required to enhance implementation of adaptation plans?  How can support be scaled up? What are Africa’s specific needs?

A fourth approach focuses on the importance of a finance roadmap, and prospects for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in light of recent announcements of significant financial pledges (e.g. US and Japan joint pledge of $4.5 billion), and what this means for Africa. 

The ClimDev Africa is hosting an Africa Pavilion at COP 21 where these and other relevant issues will be discussed by participants. In addition to the issues arising directly out of the negotiations, other topical issues that will be discussed in panels and roundtables at the Africa pavilion will include, inter alia, issues related to community innovations and adaptations to climate change, accounting for climate change, agriculture and food security, integration of climate information into planning and policy processes, and linkages to sustainable development processes.