Parties are discussing adaptation in the context of the post-2020 agreement as well as in the ongoing discussions under the Convention, including the LDC work programme, Nairobi work programme and Cancun Adaptation Framework.  Discussions, among other things, are focusing on formulation and implementation of national adaptation plans, and ways to address loss and damage.  Most studies suggest adaptation costs in Africa will be US$ 20-30 billion per annum over the next 10 to 20 years (AfDB) 

Major issues include how to include adaptation in the post-2020 agreement in a way that has legal and political parity with mitigation, and does not involve a down-grading of adaptation discussions under a strengthened international climate regime under the Convention.  Also of concern is the low levels of finance, technology and capacity building currently available to enable implementation of adaptation actions at the national level (i.e. to support the move from adaptation planning to adaptation action).  

The African Group has recognized the need to prioritize adaptation, ensure funding of full costs, increase access to additional public, grant-based resources, expedite support for national adaptation planning, and ensure the Adaptation Committee gives direction to relevant fund mechanisms, and expedite work on implementation of adaptation plans. It has also urged operationalization of the new loss and damage mechanism agreed in Warsaw.