Africa Climate Talks Format

Day 1. High Level Address

A keynote address delivered by a prominent speaker, followed by an active moderated debate will set the stage for the subsequent discussions. This address will be live-streamed online to reach wider audiences, and will also be extensively covered in various media.


Day 2. Dialogue Series

Led by policy makers, negotiators, researchers and civil society representatives on key issues of the post Kyoto climate governance framework including but not limited to Means of Implementation, Climate Science and Climate Policy, Climate Change and Transformative Development; and Climate Governance among other issues.


Day 3. Solutions Forum

A Marketplace of Ideas for civil society to showcase their solutions to to long standing challenges and opportunities posed by climate change in Africa. African civil society is at the forefront of developing and scaling up local solutions to climate change and this space offers a chance to hear from them, to learn from new ideas and to share ways of scaling up such innovations.


The day will be organised into a set of solution forums around specific issues based on the themes of the earlier two days of the talks. The aim will be to encourage dynamic, interactive inputs that help participants reflect on their experiences and that of others, as well as drawing out cross-cutting messages from these experience to take forward to CCDA-V and COP 21.


For further information and to apply to participate in the Solutions Forum please visit


Call for Expression of ACT Solution forum ...